Standard Flight Computer

The best solution to getting started with edge-of-space research.

Built-In Atmospheric Sensing

Bi-Directional Communication

Our basic flight computer includes a 915 MHz ISM Band radio module that allows you to send, receive, and stream 5 kBps data from your payload in real time. You can use it to monitor your sensor readings, adjust your settings, send commands, or receive messages from your payload. The radio module has a range of 240 miles and can handle highly sophisticated and scientific weather balloon launches. On top of that, other balloons can connect with each other to help extend the range!

Flight Data Logging

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Live Tracking

Enjoy the convenience of our live tracking software! It allows you to monitor your balloon’s location and altitude in real time!

Remote Configuration

With our software, you also have the option to remotely configure your balloon’s settings and commands during the flight.

Live Landing Prediction

Prediction Don’t worry if your balloon goes off course. We have a live landing prediction feature that helps you estimate and locate where your balloon will land.

Landing Detection

Our flight computers are equipped with GPS software to help you find and retrieve your payload. You don’t have to guess where it landed!

Durability and Reusability

Our equipment is both durable and reusable! It has an internal heater to keep the sensors from freezing up, and a durable case to protect the internal mechanisms. No need to buy new equipment for every launch!

Seamless Integration

Our equipment is compatible with nearly every device. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android operating systems.